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Lisa Ventriss Interviewed by WCAX’s Keith McGilvery on Early Childhood Ed


Monday, January 30th, 2012

photo credit: WCAX

Bearing the Roundtable’s message that “Education = Opportunity,” Roundtable President, Lisa Ventriss recently spoke with WCAX’s Keith McGilvery regarding the importance of early childhood education and how teacher quality impacts it.

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Research on High Effects of High Quality Early Childhood Ed


Monday, April 4th, 2011

by Mary Barrosse Schwartz, Executive Director, Pre-K VT

Research on the Effects of High Quality Early Education on At-Risk Children and from Middle Income Backgrounds

Three U.S. longitudinal studies show long and short-term positive effect for children. These programs were of varying intensity and served mainly at-risk children. These studies include the Abecedarian study in North Carolina, Perry High Scope in Michigan, and the Chicago Child-Parent Center in Illinois. All show consistent benefits that persist for many years following the program. (more…)

Ventriss Op-Ed: Investing in Vermont’s Children: The Business Case


Friday, January 14th, 2011

Nationally, states compete against each other to lure large employers with elaborate incentive packages. As important as these public investments are for those states, the Roundtable recognizes that Vermont cannot compete with them in supplying an array of expensive economic incentives for targeted business recruitment. However, we can certainly become a business relocation destination for all types of business and industry by building on an existing asset, and creating one of the best preK through higher education systems in the country. Businesses’ first need is a well-prepared and adaptable workforce so, by investing aggressively in our human capital beginning with our youngest children, Vermont can create a positive environment to attract new business and their workers at the same time that we bolster our existing businesses and ultimately create the workforce we need. (more…)